Google begins drone delivery

Google already has a new business. The subsidiary company Wing began deliveries with drones in Australia. In the last year in the outskirts of Canberra, service tests have been carried out. The company already has all the necessary permits.

The local regulator confirmed that the tests are successful and everything is OK. “Everyone can be assured that from a security point of view, the service will work very, very well, as during the tests” a CASA spokesman regulator commented.

During the tests more than 1000 deliveries were made without any incident. However, problems have been identified. Namely, the inhabitants of the suburb complain about the very noisy drones. Although noise levels are below norms, local residents still consider them too noisy. That’s why Wing has created a new, quieter version of the drones.

Initial service starts in five Canberra suburbs. Drones will be able to carry mostly lighter and smaller products like groceries. They will, however, deliver and bulkier items such as golf equipment. The goods will be provided mostly by local companies and stores, which will ship them to Wing’s special warehouse. From there, they will be hooked for the drones and will be sent to the clients.

The warehouse will maintain stocks of products that can be ordered through a mobile application. The idea is to deliver within a few minutes after the order. “You may be a parent with a sick child and to need paracetamol or be a busy professional who forgets to buy bread, or you just want to order morning coffee without going to the store,” Wing says in a message.

Goods will be provided by local businesses and stores that people are used to, but will save time walking to them. The company says it is testing drones since 2014, with deliveries in several suburbs of Australia. Altogether, over 3,000 deliveries have been made and the company is already considering expanding its service with more products in more cities, with local business collaboration continuing to be key to it.

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