Bill Gates: Artificial intelligence is like the nuclear energy

Bill Gates once again called for more attention to the development of artificial intelligence. He compared artificial intelligence with nuclear power and nuclear weapons at a conference at the new Institute of Human-centered Artificial Intelligence in Stanford, CNET reported.

“In the world there are not many technologies that have both large positive potential and are dangerous at the same time” says Gates. He gives for example the nuclear energy and nuclear weapons and how one and the same thing can be good for society and threatening him.

According to Gates, there are currently not many spheres that can be said that artificial intelligence has helped society a lot. However, the potential is present.

Gates believes that artificial intelligence can help a lot in health and education. Technology is already showing results, and a massive study is currently being conducted to determine whether selenium deficiency is one of the reasons for Africa’s high premature birth rate. The analysis is done precisely by artificial intelligence. The study could lead to a 15% reduction in premature births, which in Africa can save about 80,000 lives a year, says Gates.

In education, technology can help by analyzing and discovering the best teaching methods in a given school, and they will be applied to everyone else, says Gates. “We have not yet started working to find out what motivates students, which methods would really improve the results and help teach more, so less students to drop out” he says.

In his speech, Gates also noted that the United States is losing its technological dominance over other countries and the lead is melting. This may mean that after a decade, scientists from another country will make the next great discovery that will change the development of artificial intelligence.

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