Artificial Intelligence creates a new sport called Speedgate

The roots of many of our well-known sports lie thousands of years in the history of human traditions and culture. But what will be achieved if the artificial intelligence finally create a new sport? The answer to this question is known thanks to the AKQA Design Agency. The design agency is responsible for the first sport invented by AI. It is called Speedgate and is played by two teams of six people, which consist of three-door field. The players have to kick the ball through the door in the center of the field, then they can score a goal in one of the end doors. Bonus points are awarded if the ball is hit by the enemy once the ball falls. You can not go through the middle door or stand still for more than 3 seconds.

AKQA has created this game by feeding information from 400 existing sports into a neural network, which subsequently invented the rules of several new sports. Some of them were quite unrealistic – like exploding Frisbee. So the team gradually reduced the results to three candidates. After being field tested, Speedgate has won the race.

The agency even used artificial intelligence to create the game’s slogan (which is quite strange): “Face the ball to be the ball to be above the ball.” And while this sport is created as a pure exercise – part of Design Week, it can soon become something completely real that people play around the world. AKQA negotiates with the Oregon sports authorities to create a Speedgate league this summer. The company encourages others to launch their own leagues. Speedgate is unlikely to shift more traditional and well-known sports but is another example of the non-traditional ways in which artificial intelligence can be used.

This is Speedgate from AKQA on Vimeo.

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