Appointment, Management, Planning – Deliv Agent Changed Them All

The world was fast, Deliv Agent made it faster by expressing some serious skills and providing customers with high-tech and world class software solutions for mobile phones. Deliv Agent is more than just a brand, team Deliv Agent takes each and every client and his/her needs seriously.

We want to help you stand out in your desired niche by providing you with state of the art solutions that can help your business outshine among the rest. With the influx of innovation in technology, ideas are sparking almost in each and every niche.

Gone are the days when one has to dial a number, hold for longer times and wait in the queue. We offer smart options so that you can schedule an appointment with going through the longer routes. Just few taps and that’s it you are done. Move to the next task, isn’t that easy?

You may have noticed a great deal happing in the taxi business after UBER pioneered the grand idea of taxi through apps, if you are interested or part of this niche. Our team of expert designers and developers worked their hearts out so as to come up with taxi fleet management system that has got what it takes to outsmart almost any other similar product in the market.

We try to stay away from jargons and marketing gimmicks, i.e. our ideas, solutions and claims are genuine and to the point. Exaggeration is something that we have never believed in.

Our focus always have been to make it certain that our clients get best, simple and noteworthy solutions, no matter which niche or industry they may be performing in.

No matter what the idea of business is that you want to dig deep in i.e. from logistics company that is focused on shipment tasks and relies heavily on courier root planner or a laundry service that may be different from the rest in many way, our team of experts will listen to your ideas attentively and provide you with solutions that will help you making the best possible returns on investment without going through any bumps or humps.

Not very long ago, when skilled developers were scarce in the app development industry Deliv Agent was even then capable of delivering smart, user friendly and affordable field service workforce management software solutions. With a great market standing and persona, we are confident that we can cater to all your software related needs in a timely and budget friendly manner.

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