AI can help recruitment

Remote work is becoming more widespread, and at the same time remote job interviews are also becoming more common in staff selection.

Communication through technological means also has shortcomings that are absent in classical communication. For example, it is not possible to judge the candidate so well on the basis of his behavior, and these are prerequisites for mistakes in the recruitment process.

A number of software companies are already working to solve this problem. One of them is HireVue, which raised $ 93 million. Its answer to the problem is the Hiring Intelligence platform.

Another company, AllyO, which has $19 million in funds, is trying to make the application process more efficient by exploring the process itself and what are the most common problems companies are experiencing.

Other companies are also seeking solutions to these problems by applying machine learning and algorithms in different aspects of the process. One of them is the VCV startup. Although it has more than the modest $ 1.7 million, the company is working on a rather ambitious product – artificial intelligence that uses face and voice recognition to filter and recruit candidates.

Several major players are investing in the project: Japanese VC Will Group, Talent Equity Ventures, 500 Startups, as well as individuals such as Masahiro Takeshima from Indeed.

According to VCV, their product can completely remove the human factor from the recruiting process by pre-filming candidates, automated video calls, and by adding automated voice recognition and video recordings for later research.

In turn, the candidates will have to prepare well for the interview, because they will not know what questions awaits them. And here comes the artificial intelligence, which aims to identify candidates, measuring their level of nervousness, mood and patterns of behavior. The results of these measurements should help companies in choosing the most suitable candidate.

According to VCV, its products will not eliminate the segment of companies engaged in the search, selection and recruitment. It will optimize the entire process, multiplying the potential candidates, to which companies in need will be able to reach.

The startup believes that the AI approach will help, saving more than 20 hours a week. It will work 24/7 searching, communicating and interviewing potential candidates. VCV already has customers like PwC, L’Oreal, Danone, Mars, Schlumberger and Citibank.

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