5 technologies to disappear from cars

Modern cars use more and more technology and turn into supercomputers on wheels. Electronics and intelligent systems are gradually shifting more traditional features and older technologies that every driver is used to. For good or bad, times change, and with them the cars as well. Here are some things that are mandatory (or at least they were) in every car and they have come to an end.

The Keys

Every car has a key. And now more expensive cars have a lot of special keys that have many functions, have their own display and so on. But given that there is hardly any owner of a new car that does not have a smartphone. And the two things can work together.

Companies such as Audi and BMW are already developing and offering a similar feature that allows owners of their models to use the smartphone instead of a car key. And this is certainly a feature that will gradually gain more and more popularity.


The meaning of the handbrake is initially to be used for emergency situations. Subsequently, its function changes and directs more to a parking brake. Enthusiasts quickly discover the possibilities to use it for drifting and other similar performances. It is also useful on a steep slope.

With modern cars, the handbrake is now electric and is activated with a button. It is sometimes completely automatic when the vehicle is parked. And with the decline in the popularity of handheld transmissions, it loses its practicality even when driving. With the increase in electronics and intelligent systems, the handbrake in its classic look is extinct.

Spare tires

The advancement of technology also means a potential end of the spare tires. New tire developments allow for stronger and more durable tires, which, even in the event of a more serious failure, can last for several kilometers at a slower pace until service.

And now some cars come with sprays kits, compressors and patches to help temporarily cope with the situation. The benefit? According to the manufacturers, this gives a valuable space, reduces the total weight and saves costs. However, not all drivers like this trend and prefer the safety of the classic spare tire.

Outdated multimedia

For many years, the multimedia systems in the cars have been the main focus. The luxury models featured a number of features such as CD and DVD changer, connectivity options, and so on. Now, thanks to smartphones it become more important simply to be able to fully connect the phone with the car.

Systems such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow this, and some companies, such as Skoda, also work on features that turn the smartphone itself into the car’s main multimedia system. Changes in this area are yet to come.

Everything Traditionally

Modern cars have so many systems that they only give the driver the impression that people have a direct connection to the machine. More and more often even pedals become electronic. And computers decide what to do with the signals they receive on the basis of many additional factors.

With the introduction of autonomous control systems, gradually more and more of the traditional elements in cars will disappear. This includes manual transmissions, manual activation of headlamps and wipers, and so on. Electricity has already started to shift traditional engines.

The electronics also displaces the classic reinforcement panels into interactive displays. Cars are now experiencing a lot of changes, and after less than 10 years, they will not only look quite different, but our lives will be seriously altered.

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